WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 DPS Tier List (PvP/PvE): Best Melee & Ranged DPS Specs Ranking in Dragonflight 10.0.7 (2023)

Here we rank all DPS specs for Dragonflight 10.0.7 patch by going over the changes to each class. Check out our WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 DPS Tier List to discover the highest damage meta in Mythic+Raids, Arena, and all PvE/PvP content!

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 DPS Tier List for PvP & PvE

The 10.0.7 is one of the biggest patches we're seeing so far in WoW Dragonflight, having a ton of meta-shifting changes being issued, especially to the class specs. Is Affliction warlock going to be the most dominant caster with the new additions they're getting? Are the Red Paladin reworks going to miraculously give them the strength to climb out of their wheelchair? We've got all this to answer and so much more, as we bring you the updated WoW Dragonflight DPS tier list for the 10.0.7 patch.

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Dragonflight 10.0.7 Melee DSP Tier List

The changes brought by 10.0.7 actually leave our melee tier list looking very similar to the last patch, except for a few specs that have been fully improved, most classes have only received a small amount of nerfs, so they always maintain the original status.

1 - Arms Warrior (S Tier)

Arms Warrior after a very small Nerf to fatality which does nothing to affect Solo Shuffle still remains to be ahead of the pack.


2 - Survival Hunter (A Tier)

One melee spec that's becoming a whole lot stronger in this patch but is still heavily being slept on is Survival Hunter. Survival is seeing massive buffs to their already high sustained damage with a 25% damage increase to serpent sting. On top of a 100% damage increase on death chakram making their burst damage even more impactful as well. These also come alongside a very nice buff to the talent rejuvenating wind, netting them an additional 8% Health. This coupled with a multitude of nerfs to some of the more popular melees puts Survival Hunter in the upper echelons of A tier.

3 - Retribution Paladin (A Tier)

The biggest change to melee comes with the long-awaited Retribution Paladin rework, where despite this massive huge wall of text of changes Ret players are still somehow stuck with the same exact problem, they've always suffered from a lack of mobility. But at least now Crusader's Strike has an extra 3-yard range. To sum this rework up though, Retribution Paladin is looking to be without a doubt a lot stronger than previously, new talents editions like seething flame for example still enable that massive burst during avenging wrath that you come to expect, but with the cooldown of wings reduced to only 60 seconds, it's going to be now coming a lot more regularly. Then in addition to that, we're also going to be seeing a decent increase in damage outside of wings as well with talents like expurgation and penitence. Another welcome change is that Divine Protection is now the baseline for Retribution providing some much-needed survivability to help survive stuns which can be taken alongside Shield of engines as well as talents like Aegis of Protection to further buff and bolt. Rhett will be said to be a lot more durable while still being very strong on the damage front for Retribution Paladin's tearless placement they will be moving up one tier going from B into A for patch 10.0.7.

4 - Subtlety Rogue (A Tier)

Subtlety Rogues are also seeing some big tuning adjustments going into the patch with nerfs to both Dark Shadow, Dense Macabre, and Perforated Veins targeted at reducing burst damage, and then to compensate both Backstab and Gloomblade will be buffed with the aim of bringing sustained damage up. These changes will definitely bring sub more in line with other melee but these changes don't accomplish much else as sustained damage will still remain very low and burst will still be high whenever a secret technique is available. Overall these changes despite seeming drastic shouldn't affect subrogue's placement on our tier list and will remain in A tier

5 - Assassination Rogue & Havoc Demon Hunter (A Tier)

Our A tier overall is pretty stacked with both Assassinations still doing very well, despite the nerfs

Havoc Demon Hunter did see some very slight changes making them slightly weaker overall.


6 - Windwalker Monk & Feral Druid (A Tier)

With a big one being the nerf to reverse magic then both Windwalker Monk and Feral Druid with the patch receive some pretty negligible damage Buffs. Overall though so none of these changes are enough to warrant any of these specs climbing or dropping on our list.

7 - Unholy Death Knight (B Tier)

Another melee seeing some big changes is Unholy Death Knight. A huge shift to the talent tree now makes the talent Unholy Blight previously one of their top overall damage abilities a lot less obtainable now. But with the buffs to Harbinger of Doom now also increase Death Coil damage. There is a potential that these changes will cause a big shift in how Unholy plays, with them, now opting for a more single target-oriented spec revolving around Death Coil and ghoulish frenzy. Ole's tearless placement despite, these changes will still be remaining inside our B tier.

8 - Fury Warrior, Outlaw Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, Frost Death Knight (B Tier)

In our graveyard for unwanted melee specs also known as our B-tier, Frost Death Knight gets some very nice changes with added damage including some much-needed added pressure outside of the pillar. On top of some key abilities now being a baseline and in regards to organized 3v3 will undoubtedly be much more competitive in 10.0.7. But still much like enhancement who even sees some big healing stream buffs this patch, suffer massively with the unpredictability of Solo Shuffle lobbies and their lack of a mortal strike effect. So for now, we'll still be remaining at B tier.

Dragonflight 10.0.7 Ranged DSP Tier List

The range list is where we see the biggest shake of this 10.0.7 patch. All three Warlock specs are receiving some very nice damage buffs, most notably being the damage increase to inquisitors gains alongside new talents in the form of sargeri technique providing an increase to either Shadow Bolt incinerate or drain Soul damage depending on your spec and Socrethar's Guile increasing either Agony wild imp or immolate damage, again depending on your spec.

1 - Beast Mastery Hunter (S Tier)

For the range tier list, Beast Mastery after some very unjust Buffs to kill command damage will remain in our S tier.

(Video) The 4 Class Specs To Get The BIGGEST Improvements For Patch 10.0.7 Dragonflight!

2 - Demonology Warlock (S Tier)

Demonology Warlock is by far the winners out of the three warlock specs, as we're seeing massive Buffs to both Guillotine as well as a new talent in immutable hatred to further enhance your pet felguard's damage, which is already going to be doing massive damage with all-around pet damage Buffs. Most notable for demonology is the huge buff to the reign of tyranny which is perfect for PVP as it removes some of the ramp-up required and adds a 50 Baseline increase to the damage of tyrant. these coupled with the Warlock specific changes are enough to catapult demonology warlock from A tier up to S tier.

3 - Frost Mage (A+ Tier)

Frost Mages after some tuning adjustments to glacial damage coupled with buffs to both Beast Master and Demonology will be dropping from S down to A plus tier, and find themselves alongside Marksman Destruction and Elemental Shaman.

4 - Destruction Warlock (A+ Tier)

Destruction however will be heavily targeted with massive Nerfs to bane of Havoc and mayhem's energy attaching an internal cooldown of 18 seconds to the ability. On top of that we're also seeing damage reductions to both incinerate and Shadow burn this will be a pretty big loss in, overall damage for Destruction warlocks heavily impacting the current go-to instant damage build that's very popular right now. Overall destruction will still remain to be incredibly strong after these changes but just more in line with other specs. We'll be moving destruction down one tier to A plus.

5 - Elemental Shaman (A+ Tier)

Elemental shamans are another range spec receiving some minor changes mainly targeting their survivability with slight Buffs to astral shift and mobility of thunderous Paws. The biggest changes comes from the rework swelling waves buffing healing stream totem by 80% for Elemental which will drastically bolster their off healing. The biggest buck to Elemental though comes with the fact that both assassination and subtlety Rogues two of their biggest counters have been drastically toned down over the recent patches, A plus here is where Elemental will be placed in 10.0.7.

6 - Marksmanship Hunter (A+ Tier)

(Video) 10.0.7 Mythic+ Performance & Rankings: NEW PATCH TIME!

The spec climbing the most in our range tier list is Marksmanship Hunter. As MM Hunter is proving to be one of the most impactful ranged classes in all of Shuffle having super high burst damage. Coupled with easy to land crowd control couple that with damage Buffs to both death shock room and serpent sting as well as the additional stamina from rejuvenating wind for more survivability. You can see why Marksmanship Hunters are climbing all the way from our B tier to their new placement of A plus.

7 - Affliction Warlock (A Tier)

Affliction gets even more Buffs with further increases to drain soul and Rapture with two new Talons in the form of dark virtuosity and kindled Malice, as well as some targeted changes to further bolster non-casted damage with Buffs to both corruption Agony and siphon life. However, nerfs to focus malignancy will tone down Affliction's damage when left to free cast. One indirect change and a massive relief for affliction is the change to reverse magic to now cause the Demon Hunter to suffer backlash damage, is a massive buff for affliction as this was one of its biggest counters. These changes will be a huge overall buff to Affliction and cause to jump up one position moving from B tier up to A tier but definitely have the potential to climb higher if the meta favors them.

8 - Balance Druid (A Tier)

Balance Druid ever did receive a nice change to Stellar driftadding some pseudo dispel protection into the ability but while definitely above this will not be enough to alter their position, but now be joined by Demonology instead of Destruction who will be dropping down to our A plus tier.

9 - Shadow Priest & Arcane Mage (A Tier)

Both Shadow Priest and Arcane Mage remain inside of A tier with no direct changes.

10 - Devastation Evoker & Fire Mage (B Tier)

Devastation and fire Mage are still left at the bottom of the list, with small nerfs.



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